Please be kind, respectful, and nice or else be gone/punished!

  •     Please keep the profanity to a tame level!

        Many of us here feel like babies and toddlers, and small children
    of these ages usually aren’t allowed to use profanity, and most parents do their best not to subject their small
    children to such words. This site and its services are intended to be used by people who feel like babies and
    small children. Let’s not subject them to unnecessary profanity and lewdness. Use intelligent words instead.
    Excessive profanity and lewd behavior will result in warnings, and repeated offenses will result in removal or
    ban from the chat and/or site. All names containing inappropriate words will be removed on sight.

  •     This is NOT a sex chat!

        Again, this website, including all services we offer, are intended for adult babies, littles, diaper lovers, and
    ‘age players’. This is not a place for pornography. Mild ABDL content will be allowed to a degree, but DO NOT harass others with pictures and links that they find offensive. Even in PM, always ask if such content is appropriate to
    that user, and never harass others with photographs or videos of content that is against their lifestyle.
    of this would include posting photos of male genitalia to lesbian users, or female genitalia posted to gay users.
    Nudity and pornography in public rooms, including snuff, child porn, beastiality and fetishes other than diapers,
    inappropriate and will be removed on sight along with the person that posted it. Furthermore, if you are asked to
    stop posting by a moderator or admin, listen to them and stop. Be aware that failure to do so will result in
    removal. There will be no warnings regarding this rule.

  •     NO racism!

        Racism of any kind is also strictly forbidden. It will never be tolerated and will result in immediate removal
    the chat and/or forum. This includes the use of racial slurs as well as the posting of links to racist content.

  •     NO anti-LGBTQ slurs of any kind!

        Please be aware that many of our users (including the site owners and some of our mods and admins) are lesbians,
    gays, bisexuals or transgendered individuals. Do not use slurs and language that is insulting to them for those
    reasons. This includes rants about ‘vanilla’ ideals being ‘right’. It is NOT right to discriminate against others
    for their choice of lifestyle. Whether you feel members of LGBTQ communities are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, keep that to

  •     NO harassment/sexual harassment!

        No means no. If someone says they do not wish to PM, drop the subject. Do not repeatedly ask them. Do not ‘spam’
    them, or insult them just because they wish to remain outside of PMs. Harassment includes insulting the other
    members of the chat and/or forum as well. It will not be tolerated. Sexual advances are forbidden outside of PMs,
    and will ONLY be allowed IF both parties are WILLING. Failure to abide by this rule will not only result in
    from the site, but will also be reported to the proper authorities. Be aware that we have several means at our
    disposal to ensure the safety of all of our users. We can and will monitor all rooms on this site, including PMs

  •     NO stalking!

        “Cyberstalking, simply put, is online stalking. It has been defined as the use of technology, particularly the
    Internet, to harass someone. Common characteristics include false accusations, monitoring, threats, identity
    and data destruction or manipulation. Cyberstalking also includes exploitation of minors, be it sexual or
    The harassment can take on many forms, but the common denominator is that it’s unwanted, often obsessive, and
    usually illegal. Cyberstalkers use email, instant messages, phone calls, and other communication devices to
    whether it takes the form of sexual harassment, inappropriate contact, or disruption of your life and your
    Stalking will not be tolerated, and similarly to other forms of harassment, will result in bans and reports to

  •     NO threats of any kind, and no suicidal talk! Take it to the Support channel!

        Threatening behavior, toward others or toward yourself, will also not be tolerated. This includes the use of the
    acronyms ‘KMS’ or ‘KYS’. If you feel the need to vent depressive feelings or anger, just use the Support channel.
    Such behavior will result in removal from all other channels. Let’s not fill the happy places with negativity.
    Support channel is always open, and our moderators, admins, and owners will do their best to help, if at all

  •     Do not private message without asking, unless stated otherwise!

        Never PM without first obtaining permission. All you have to do is ask. It’s common courtesy. Unless a user
    they are willing to accept PMs from anyone at any time, such as with the phrase “PM open”, always ask first.
    Ignoring this rule is considered incredibly rude to many chat users. Don’t be rude. Repeated offenses, once
    will result in removal from the chat and/or site.

  •     Please, read what you type before you send it!

        Be mindful and polite with the messages you send into the various channels when talking to others. Keep an
    understanding that we are all from different places in the world, and differing cultural backgrounds. Try to
    conflict, and understand that there may be cultural or linguistic barriers when conversing with certain users.

    All users of this website are welcome to direct any questions or concerns to any of the moderators,
or the owners of the site. Feel free to contact us through the link on the homepage, or simply ask to PM one of us
in the chat. We will do our very best to reply in a timely manner.